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Along with our carpet and vinyl supply and fitting options, Gary Godwin Carpet Fitting also provide expert remedial services for your existing carpets. Such as dealing with the problem of draught marking. We can eliminate the cause of those ugly, soiled perimetres. From re-stretching to re-making seams, we can breathe new life into your existing carpet. Let us find a solution for you by calling 07836 578 170 or 020 8386 4835, we'd be happy to help.

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  • Expert remedial work

  • Eliminate draught marks

  • Re-laying and re-stretching

  • Removal of old flooring

  • Re-making seams

  • Repairing/ replacing stair carpet

  • Re-fitting around fitted furniture etc.

  • Free quotes

For more information on the remedial work we can do, call us on:


07836 578 170

020 8386 4835

Remedial work

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